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FAQs - Residential

We frequently get calls from our customers asking, "What do I do about . . . ?"
Our trigger spray spot cleaner is one of the safest, most effective products you can use on various spots and stains. It reacts almost instantly with urine and is extremely effective on blood. However, you may not always have some on hand, so here are a few tips for those times.

  • What about vomit? Your best bet will be to use the technique described above and use plain water and a towel.

  • Blood stains . . . honestly, leave it for me or another professional. If I'm the first, I can generally get 100% of it out.  If you don't have our spot cleaner on hand, try to flush with cold water and keep blotting.
  • Make-up . . . do NOT use make-up remover, it will lighten, but will also set the stain.  Call us!
  • General spots . . . again, club soda and a towel is the safest way to remove spots on your own. Store products will leave an oily residue and the spot will get darker over time.
  • Furniture stains . . . often times the bottoms of stained furniture will be set down on damp or wet carpet. The bottoms of those pieces are generally not sealed and can actually transfer stain to the carpet. These types of stains are generally permanent because the carpet has been effectively dyed. Stains from leaking potted plants tend to do the same thing so be aware!
  • A word of caution about using household products for stain removal, such as hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or bleach . . . these products tend to have a bleaching effect on carpet that is generally permanent. There are times that the bleached area can be dyed but it is frequently noticeable.